Offshore Development – 5 Top Advantages

Off Lately, outsourcing and offshore development, both the terms have gained popularity a lot. And honestly speaking, there are many people in this industry who actually don’t understand the difference between two. Because there is hairline difference in the meaning.

Outsourcing a service refers to a situation when you hire third party experts to get things done. Whereas, Offshore software development refers to a situation when you hire a third part to develop your software from outside the country. In outsourcing it really doesn’t matter where service provider is located.

In this post, we will talk about offshore development in particular and why they are much cost effective on the pocket.

Lack of Manpower

If we go by the stats, we get to know that there is lack of skilled manpower in western countries, particular in software development. The main countries that are hugely involved in providing offshore development is India and China. From small scale companies to large scale companies, experts of particular skills are being hired to get the things done. Because of stiff competition in the industry, these companies do not compromise on hiring good manpower. On the contrary, western countries do not have enough skilled manpower to meet the rising demands.

Cost effectiveness

If your business is situated in Europe and you hire a developer from same country, you often have to shell out huge money. This may dwindle your budget or you drop the idea. However, countries who are engaged in offshore development would offer the same service at upto 10 times lower rates. Reasons are, good availability of skilled people and difference in currencies create a huge gap.

Round the clock development

This is one of the biggest advantages of hiring offshore development firm. Due to time difference, you will experience that there is round the clock development from both the ends. Service provider can work on your feedbacks while you are resting at home and you can review the development during their off hours. So there is non-stop activity on both sides, which leads to faster culmination of development process.

High success rate

With cutting edge competition, these offshore development companies tend to complete the development on time, with high quality and success rate. You cannot expect same level of professionalism from freelancers or from in-house professionals. Because they know, by the end they would get their money. Whereas, offshore developers work hard to make you a returning client.

Post delivery services

Good post delivery service can help in establishing long relationships, which freelancers hardly care about. They might attend a few of your service calls, but soon they will vanish in thin air as they get busy with new assignments.