HTML5 and Mobile Development – Myths Debunked

In 2012, HTML 5 was proposed and no doubt it is quite powerful since then. When it comes to mobile application development, there are many misconceptions about using HTML5 for development. Many developers and clients underestimate its capability to do wonders. But if not done properly, it can spoil the whole game.

First thing that we commonly get to hear is that it is impossible to create applications for iOS without Mac. Well, this is a misconception. Yes, you cannot create application for iOS without Mac but you can use some tools to fill the gap. Phonegap is solution to this problem. It is a cloud based service with which you can create iOS applications on windows. You don’t need to maintain native software development kits on your own. All updated SDKs will be compiling your apps on the other end.

Second thing that we get to hear is, native language can only create robust apps. Really? Not really! Heard about Netflix? Don’t be surprised, it is built using HTML5. Well, HTML5 can do almost everything that native can do, but you need to use tools for that. Otherwise, you cannot even tell the difference. Using a good framework can bridge the gap that HTML5 and native have. With a good UI framework exceptionally good mobile applications can be developed. Ionic is one example of good UI framework.

The best thing about apps made using HTML5 is that they absolutely easy to deploy. Whereas deployment of native apps involves some complications like, there are lot of policies involved when being launched at appstore. On the other hand using Javascript tools can make the HTML deployment lot more easier.

Well, the more things are getting easier for HTML developers, the more friction is being developed between native developers and HTML developers. It can been observed that in online developers community as well, this friction can be sensed. Native developers somehow getting overconfident about their skills, on the other hand HTML developers are trying to prove that they are equally skilled as them.

At this point of time, it is important for both of them to join hands together and bring good things into the developers community and make things easier for future developments.