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June 2016

Branded Content… What it is?

I sometimes get confused into different marketing terms that are being used today. What I believe was, they all meant same. But after a thorough study I realized that though there are only minor differences, but these differences makes a huge impact on results. Off lately, I have been hearing a lot about Branded Content.…

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Has technology really taken up our lives?

In past few years I have been reading a lot about invasion of technology into our routine lives. From the minute we wake up till we get into deep sleep. If we go back to 20th century, there were very few things around us that were technology driven, controlled by microprocessors or chips or have…

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docker image
Docker – Resolving the Complexities

Container technology is becoming everyone’s favorite off lately, we’ve talked about it in our last post. And I think it’s unfair not to talk about it in-depth. Somewhere, I read an analogy which says What GitHub has done for git, docker is doing for Linux. And this is completely true. Docker is lowering the complexity…

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Native Advertisement… Something for Everyone

Online world is very dynamic. Trends keep on changing, especially in internet marketing. The techniques which are hot favorite of everyone may become dead in few years or in few months. And, how can we not talk about up and coming trends. And one such trend, which is rising high is Native Advertisements. However, this…

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Web Development Trends to Watchout

So we have completed almost half of the 2016, I think this is the perfect time to discuss the web development trends that are rising and may become our favorite in coming months. I was observing this industry very closely in past few months and it looks like this year is going to be great…

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Changing Face of Web Graphic Designing

From carving on stones to high definition images… this is how graphic designing has changed in ages. No doubt, images are the best way to convey, you can pass on your message in minimalist words. But it is not as simple as it looks. It involves a lot of thinking and talent to bring that…

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