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August 2016

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4 Tips to Increase Productivity of your Organization

Despite of having so many ready to use project management platforms, most of the software development firms struggle to increase productivity. I have come across many technical leads, team leads and other sort of managers who pressurize their team to deliver 150% of their capability. Call it pressure or motivation, but employees are being forced…

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Build a Website that your Business Needs

We often go by the trend. And, sometimes to be in the league of winners we invest (Or I should say, waste) money on things that we don’t require for our business. Here, we are talking about the online marketing trends of businesses. Having a website is almost mandatory for every business, to remain available…

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Internet of Things – Simple but not Small

In the recent days we have been hearing a lot about Internet of things. Wearables are perfect example of IoT. And low priced devices are making people more aware about it. Well, wearables are the tiniest form, we still cannot imagine the power it has to transform the way we live. Nowadays buildings, vehicles, jet…

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5 Start Rating… It’s not a Child’s Play

Every business aims to deliver good service and client satisfaction… Specially in IT industry, where professionals are dealing with stiff competition. And to build a reputation in such a big industry is a big task. Here, good ratings and reviews from customers indeed help a lot in making a presence. But what is more difficult…

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Keyword and its Importance in SEO

In online world, keywords are the keys to find your web pages in search results. There was a time when keywords were considered as most important ranking factor for a website. If optimized properly, these keywords had the capability to get your web pages ranked top. But then webmasters started their over-optimization to the level…

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Local SEO… 4 underrated strategies to success

The craze of web has penetrated into our lives so deeply that even tangible businesses can’t live without online marketing. A recent Google report noted that Google searches containing “near me” have increased 34X since 2011 Now matter how big or small your business is, you have to have your strong online presence. Be it…

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5 Points to Reckon your Marketing Success

Marketing a product or service has always been a tedious task. With stiff competition and emerging marketing techniques, marketers are facing a tough time. But we must not criticize sharp brains of marketers who by anyways make their ways towards success. There are different types of businesses and so as their marketing campaigns. There are…

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