How to cope with sedentary lifestyle at work place?

Do you keep on guzzling cups of coffee one after another on your workstation? Or have your healthy snacks are being replaced by cheese and mayonnaise burgers during office parties? Are you the one who keep shuffling between files or windows at your computer screen for long hours? If, your answer is ‘Yes’ for any of the question then you must continue reading my post. No, no… I am not going to tell you about the ill effects of these habits. Instead, we are going to talk about how to cope up with such sedentary lifestyle.

Say good bye to your comfy chairexercising image

Studies have shown that those who sit for longer stretch are prone to diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and kidney diseases. So, first thing that you do tomorrow morning is arrange your workstation in such a manner so that you have to get up after every 10-15 minutes. Arrange your often used files on a height, place the printer on a distance. Second, if possible replace your chair with armless chair. This allows you to get up straight. And if not, make it a habit of getting up without any arm support. If your workplace have cool environment and allows you to replace your chair with exercising ball… go get one now! Just interrupt your sitting by any ways but make sure you are not hampering your productivity.

Keep one thing in mind, even if you exercise regularly but sit for long hours… you are in dire need to ditch your sitting.

walking manMind your steps

Every step that you take is important for your health. Say, you take 35 steps in and around your workstation to accomplish your daily tasks, increase them. Start taking longer route to your seat. Instead of sending email or message to your colleague, walk to him. Want to discuss an assignment? walk while you talk. Make your coffee break a short walking session, you may gossip along. Climb the stairs instead of escalator / elevator.
Stand up for your healthstanding man

Many companies take care of health of their employees. This is why they have adjustable table tops to move up and down. These adjustable table tops allow you to stand while working. Mere standing can counteract your long sitting hours. Take a few minutes out of your busy schedule and stand up and stretch a bit. This helps relaxing your muscles and you feel refreshed.

healthy foodEat Healthy

Our common sense says that we should not eat junk food too often if we have desk oriented job. But what can be done with tantalizing taste buds? Well, if you want to live long and healthy, you have to have a strong will power to avoid junk food. You may have your favorite burger or cheesy mashed potato a few times, but not very often. Especially during your working hours, if you have an office get together, learn to say ‘No’. There is no harm in saying ‘no’ to chocolate dipped donut offered by your colleague. After all, it’s your health and your decisions. And, not to forget drinking lots and lot of water.

Fidgeting fidgeting

You may have come across people with the annoying habit of tapping their feet, moving their hands or moving their feet in circular motion, this is what we call fidgeting. And guess what? This is actually a good habit. It helps in counteracting the long sitting stretch. If you fidget, it’s good for you. If you don’t, you may try adopting any other alternate mentioned above.

We know we can’t do much about our job, as all the jobs are becoming more and more desk oriented… So, better we should change our habits. A bit of change in our daily routine can help a lot.

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