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July 2016

8 Tips to Build Trust With Your Website

Websites have now become the first point of contact for almost every type of business. You don’t need to have a human seated in your office who introduce people to your business. However, having a human assistance for website visitors would be an add-on for you. But due to rising cyber crimes, people are becoming…

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Off Page Optimization Techniques You Must Avoid

They way a human requires food for sustenance, similarly, a website requires optimization for sustaining in search engines. Quite a weird analogy, but this is true. A webmaster always look for innovative ways to make his website rank among top positions. Sometimes too much of dedication proves fatal for the website. Too much optimization may…

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Ecommerce SEO Trends of 2016

In recent trends it has been observed that marketers are more inclined towards paid advertising, due to stringent and frequently changing organic search algorithms. And, yes, it has become an easy way out to achieve the desired results. But we cannot ignore huge potential customers that we can get from organic searches. If done properly,…

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Big data and its Big Potential

I must say whenever I heard about big data, the first thing that comes to my mind is marketing and dealing with potential clients. And, trust me there are many people like me. In last couple of years, the hype that big data has got pushed me to learn more about it. First thing, big…

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How to use social media like biggies?

Social media has now become the mainstream marketing channel for almost every product and organization… no matter what’s the scale. The way it is being incorporated into campaigns may or may not bring the success. Some marketers believe that advocating the product/company would do the job. This is not cent percent true. Instead of using…

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How Virtual Reality Will Help Digital Marketers?

Virtual Reality is all about creating experiences. And, now a days these experiences are being used in many industries to make more and more cash. Of course, when we talk about VR we speculate many things to become real. But it still has a long way to go. Still huge development is required in VR…

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