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The web development field sees new trends and ideas every year. And those who are about to build a website or web app should be aware of them. After all, following development trends brings better user experience, and improves your website’s performance and ranking. It also helps you cope with the tight competition in the…

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5 Quick Tips for Facebook Marketers

For every brand, correct e-marketing seems like the most difficult part. But penetration of Facebook in our lives has made thing quite simpler for marketing managers. The type of response a brand can get from Facebook is incredible. Which is why, sometimes, we do many things wrong without even knowing. We take things granted without…

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Ad Injection – A Serious Threat to Digital Marketing

You must be familiar with these types of alerts on your computer or smartphone screen. Looks like a genuine warning (may be from some well wisher). Well, before believing on such type of warning and clicking on them, you must ask yourself… how the third party know about the speed of your computer? If you…

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5 Start Rating… It’s not a Child’s Play

Every business aims to deliver good service and client satisfaction… Specially in IT industry, where professionals are dealing with stiff competition. And to build a reputation in such a big industry is a big task. Here, good ratings and reviews from customers indeed help a lot in making a presence. But what is more difficult…

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Keyword and its Importance in SEO

In online world, keywords are the keys to find your web pages in search results. There was a time when keywords were considered as most important ranking factor for a website. If optimized properly, these keywords had the capability to get your web pages ranked top. But then webmasters started their over-optimization to the level…

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5 Points to Reckon your Marketing Success

Marketing a product or service has always been a tedious task. With stiff competition and emerging marketing techniques, marketers are facing a tough time. But we must not criticize sharp brains of marketers who by anyways make their ways towards success. There are different types of businesses and so as their marketing campaigns. There are…

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Off Page Optimization Techniques You Must Avoid

They way a human requires food for sustenance, similarly, a website requires optimization for sustaining in search engines. Quite a weird analogy, but this is true. A webmaster always look for innovative ways to make his website rank among top positions. Sometimes too much of dedication proves fatal for the website. Too much optimization may…

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Branded Content… What it is?

I sometimes get confused into different marketing terms that are being used today. What I believe was, they all meant same. But after a thorough study I realized that though there are only minor differences, but these differences makes a huge impact on results. Off lately, I have been hearing a lot about Branded Content.…

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Native Advertisement… Something for Everyone

Online world is very dynamic. Trends keep on changing, especially in internet marketing. The techniques which are hot favorite of everyone may become dead in few years or in few months. And, how can we not talk about up and coming trends. And one such trend, which is rising high is Native Advertisements. However, this…

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Are you writing for spiders or for humans?

Many of us has the habit of documenting things… be it our daily diary, emotional outburst or penning down experiences. Since the dotcom industry is booming, people have started monetizing their hobby of writing in the form of blogs and articles. But in this race of making money somewhere the end reader is suffering. Despite…

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