Let Your Business Website Generate More Leads

Having a digital channel for generating revenue and leads is the first thing that you do for your business. It’s like a business card that would speak for you when you are not available. This indeed sounds fascinating, seems like having a website can solve all your problems with minimal efforts. You definitely would get entice to have a website after having a highly lead generating website, Isn’t it?

Mere having a website won’t get you leads, it’s like a complete process to tell your potential customers about your product / services and convince them to pay you money for it. At UcodeSoft, it is a four step process. Keeping all the complications aside, make everything very simple for the visitor.

Easy to find

This is the first step of establishing your online identity. Having a domain name similar to brand name would make it very easy for the visitor to find you. It has been found in researches that 63% of buyers surf internet before opting a service and out of that 83% actually check the website of preferred service provider. So, if you are not around in top search results of the niche keywords, you are on the verge of losing a big market of clientele. Optimize your website in right manner, and with ‘right manner’ I mean, balanced optimization. Sometimes over optimization kills the ranking of your website or make a delusive image of your company or service. Choose right keywords, set right budget and stick to the strategy. Most important, don’t try black-hat methods and be patient with all the legal methods that you are using. If still not getting desired results, rope in some professional for this.

Easy to use

Functionality. Good and easy functionality is the mantra to hook your potential client to your website. Keep things simple and easy. Navigation plays an important role in making the surfing of website smooth. Make sure there are no dead ends always a way to go back. Cut short those lengthy forms. If you want visitors to fill your form, keep only very important things on it. Asking for unnecessary details may annoy the visitors.

Easy to pay

If you are an online business, this could be the checkpoint for you. Having a complicated payment gateway system force the visitor to leave the website without completing the checkout process. Try to keep the checkout steps as minimal as possible. Allow to keep users purchase item without making an account or as ‘guest user’. One more thing, try to keep all the those distracting notifications on one side. It would interfere in their checkout process and they may abandon the process in between.

Easy to contact

To build trust of your potential clients it is important to have your tangible address on your website. Add your phone numbers, chat engines, skype Ids and other instant messenger ids available on your website. Also have a contact form readily available to instant queries. Along with that make sure you are answering the queries and instant chat messages. Upon getting timely response of queries would help potential customers in trusting your service.