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January 2017

How to Empower Agility in your Organization?

What is agility? Agility is defined as the capacity to think and understand with fast pace. And nowadays, agility is often used with software development and deployment process. Every second organization claims to use agile methodology in software development process. In agile methodology, the whole development process is chopped in phases and every phase is…

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Revolutionize Customer Care with Customized Mobile Apps

When it comes to promoting a brand or its service / product, providing a good customer service is very important. In fact in every type of business, good customer service and after sale service can do wonders to your brand. This is why now a days almost every organization have a dedicated customer serving department.…

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Let Your Business Website Generate More Leads

Having a digital channel for generating revenue and leads is the first thing that you do for your business. It’s like a business card that would speak for you when you are not available. This indeed sounds fascinating, seems like having a website can solve all your problems with minimal efforts. You definitely would get…

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