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Responsive web… Why it is important?

So now when everything is going mobile, it becomes very important to target market that covers web, mobile and other portable devices. Responsive web design is the term that is floating in the web development industry since long. And, there are many out there who really don’t know what this exactly is. To define, responsive…

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Let Your Business Website Generate More Leads

Having a digital channel for generating revenue and leads is the first thing that you do for your business. It’s like a business card that would speak for you when you are not available. This indeed sounds fascinating, seems like having a website can solve all your problems with minimal efforts. You definitely would get…

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Cloud Computing a Boon for Developers

Previously, we talked about how cloud computing is really invading the IT sector and how it is going to take up the space of conventional data centers. And, experts are glad that dependency on infrastructure will reduce to a great extent… as cloud computing has many advantages over it. But how web developers, app developers…

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Why Good UI/UX is important for your business?

  According to data by Tony Haile of Chartbeat, A visitor spends average 15 seconds on a web page clicked from search results. Which means you have 15 seconds to grab the attention. Good service, this is what you need to provide to your clients to earn a reputation and to establish yourself as a…

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Offshore Development – 5 Top Advantages

Off Lately, outsourcing and offshore development, both the terms have gained popularity a lot. And honestly speaking, there are many people in this industry who actually don’t understand the difference between two. Because there is hairline difference in the meaning. Outsourcing a service refers to a situation when you hire third party experts to get…

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Why my Rich Snippets are Missing?

Well, sometimes it becomes very difficult for the webmasters to read what’s on Google’s mind (if it was human). But yes, we can try to interpret its ever changing algorithm. Off lately, I come across people, through online forums, who complain about their rich snippets being missing from search results. Because they contain very useful…

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4 Tips to Increase Productivity of your Organization

Despite of having so many ready to use project management platforms, most of the software development firms struggle to increase productivity. I have come across many technical leads, team leads and other sort of managers who pressurize their team to deliver 150% of their capability. Call it pressure or motivation, but employees are being forced…

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Build a Website that your Business Needs

We often go by the trend. And, sometimes to be in the league of winners we invest (Or I should say, waste) money on things that we don’t require for our business. Here, we are talking about the online marketing trends of businesses. Having a website is almost mandatory for every business, to remain available…

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5 Steps Towards Developing a Secure Web Application

Developing a web application is no more a tricky task but developing a secure application has become a cumbersome task. Yes, you have to be very very paranoid if you want to develop a safe and secure channel for your clients. No information entered by the user can be trusted. I am not saying that…

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