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December 2016

Keep Hackers Away from Stealing your App Data

Since a few years a new trend has started called ‘bring your own device to work’. This sounds fascinating. Taking your laptop, smartphones and tablets to work and doing your office work on them. It is always comfortable to work on your own device than changing settings every time you switch to a different device.…

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Testing a Mobile App? Keep these 5 things in mind…

In this world of mobile applications, there is kind of race of launching mobile applications. Even in the development firms, developers focus more on stats of number of applications launched. There are no statistics available  that how many application run successfully after the launch in the market. To keep the ‘on time’ delivery criteria high,…

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Why you need an Android app?

You can see a smartphone almost in every hand. Though the type of operating systems they have is different… but still there is one common thing, the mobile applications. Marketers don’t want to lose a single channel to promote their products and services and generate leads out of them. But if you have tight budget…

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Cloud Computing a Boon for Developers

Previously, we talked about how cloud computing is really invading the IT sector and how it is going to take up the space of conventional data centers. And, experts are glad that dependency on infrastructure will reduce to a great extent… as cloud computing has many advantages over it. But how web developers, app developers…

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Why Good UI/UX is important for your business?

  According to data by Tony Haile of Chartbeat, A visitor spends average 15 seconds on a web page clicked from search results. Which means you have 15 seconds to grab the attention. Good service, this is what you need to provide to your clients to earn a reputation and to establish yourself as a…

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How Mobile Apps Can Help Digital Agencies?

So you are not a big enterprise and often read articles about having a mobile app for your business? Well, there are many of us who crave to get mobile app for their business. Indeed this is one of the great marketing channels, revenue generator etc. But you work in a niche where it looks…

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Trends to Watch Out in 2017 – Mobile App Development

As we are wrapping up 2016, we have our eyes on the opportunities and trends that 2017 will bring with it. There are many speculations in mobile app development industry regarding the practices to trash and follow in the coming year. Well, there are many thing that will remain the same in 2107. But yes,…

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