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Invasion of Software Suites in Construction Business

Using software enabled tools and gadgets have become a trend, in almost every sphere… be it education, farming, road safety and what not! Construction industry is one such industry where use of technology has been implemented in huge manner. From safety of workers to preparing building materials to creating blueprints… invasion of technology can be seen. High end machinery, software enabled machines and gadgets are a common scene at construction site.

Technology has enabled construction engineers and workers to improve their efficiency with an ease while maintaining the precision and safety standards. Whether you are engaged in domestic or commercial projects, lives of people are greatly associated with every structure. You cannot afford to have damage, which is why use of project management software in construction industry have introduced. read more

Responsive web… Why it is important?

So now when everything is going mobile, it becomes very important to target market that covers web, mobile and other portable devices. Responsive web design is the term that is floating in the web development industry since long. And, there are many out there who really don’t know what this exactly is.

To define, responsive design accommodate its pixel width according to the size of the device on which it is being accessed and thus not affecting the user experience. You don’t have to create different websites for desktop, tablet and mobile each. One website can be made technically efficient to be compatible with devices of different screen sizes.

Out of 100 sites analyzed, 11.8% on average use responsive design. read more

Myths Related to Software Development Outsourcing

Software development industry is at its full bloom. To many professionals, it was a hobby which now has taken a shape of full fledged business with money flowing in. But what looks like golden is not always gold. Very few of us get a chance to see what happens behind the scenes, and, I feel lucky to be in the vicinity of people who can show me the inside out of this industry. There are million of challenges that are being faced everyday. And, what is really surprising part about is the myths which are associated with this business. Well, I cannot break these assumptions, but will try hard to highlight some trivial issues which act as roadblock in success of a software development company.

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