Responsive web… Why it is important?

So now when everything is going mobile, it becomes very important to target market that covers web, mobile and other portable devices. Responsive web design is the term that is floating in the web development industry since long. And, there are many out there who really don’t know what this exactly is.

To define, responsive design accommodate its pixel width according to the size of the device on which it is being accessed and thus not affecting the user experience. You don’t have to create different websites for desktop, tablet and mobile each. One website can be made technically efficient to be compatible with devices of different screen sizes.

Out of 100 sites analyzed, 11.8% on average use responsive design.

Today, giving a good user experience is the priority of every web master. Because, it is the first impression of your business. UX (User experience) can make or break your market. So it is very important to present your website in a very good shape. Everything at its right place, text proofread and well aligned, images, videos very well edited. These certain things play a major role in engaging your user for long time.

The percentage of small businesses who don’t have their website optimized for mobile is 91%.

There was a time, when bots on the website determine the traffic source and redirect web user on web version of site and mobile user to mobile site. That looked like a great idea to cater both type of users. But it was complicated to maintain both versions simultaneously, updating and upgrading them was, indeed, a tedious task.

But with the trend of responsive design, complicacy has been cut to the half.  

“as of April 21st, 2015… Google began rewarding sites that were built responsively for multi-device support”

If we go by statistics of a smartphone user, 67% of cell phone owners check their phone for messages, alerts, or calls — even when their phone is not sending an alert.

So we are at a stage where it has become mandatory to have a responsive design. Otherwise, we are going to lose a good share of potential customers.

Responsive designs save a huge time of maintaining different websites and it also helps in saving a good money in developing different website compatible with different devices.