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September 2016

Role of Mobile Phones in ecommerce

The global mobile phone user base is 5.2 billion people, and 30% of them are smartphone users. Online shopping has always been a boon for us. What is more comfortable than shopping a huge variety of things at the ease of your home. But nowadays when we talk about online shopping or ecommerce, we get…

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Make your Employees Love their Job

At present IT sector is at its full bloom, be it India or international market. Millennials are running towards it to climb success ladder fast, or I should say pretty fast. Today, employers even don’t ask for professional degrees or certifications to prove the talent. All you need is, knowledge and experience. This is why…

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RankBrain Deciphered

There are over 200 ranking factors that Google use to determine the position of web pages in search results. You must have come across this statement million of times while reading about Google’s search engine ranking system. But Google has never revealed these. Yes, they often release blog posts about the primary ranking factors and…

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Another Achievement Bagged – UcodeSoft

Recently, UcodeSoft has been been awarded the status of ‘Top Rated’ software development company by Upwork, which is the largest freelance talent marketplace. This is a proud moment for every person that is associated with UcodeSoft. Not only this, it is a great inspiration for the whole team to work harder and smarter.

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Ad Injection – A Serious Threat to Digital Marketing

You must be familiar with these types of alerts on your computer or smartphone screen. Looks like a genuine warning (may be from some well wisher). Well, before believing on such type of warning and clicking on them, you must ask yourself… how the third party know about the speed of your computer? If you…

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Google Updated its Local Reviews Guidelines

To have a successful local business, having a good internet marketing strategy is very important. And if you are getting reviews on it, be it good or bad… you’re going good. Because reviews help potential clients a lot in making mind, whether to go for the service offered by you or not; how you deal…

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Why my Rich Snippets are Missing?

Well, sometimes it becomes very difficult for the webmasters to read what’s on Google’s mind (if it was human). But yes, we can try to interpret its ever changing algorithm. Off lately, I come across people, through online forums, who complain about their rich snippets being missing from search results. Because they contain very useful…

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