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November 2016

Death of Eclipse

Well, it’s not very long since Google has bid adieu to Eclipse Android developer kit. However, the announcement of pulling the plug of Eclipse has been made back in 2015… which, I suppose, is quite a good advance notice to developers to make the requisite changes in the development environment. But still, there was lot…

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5 Quick Tips for Facebook Marketers

For every brand, correct e-marketing seems like the most difficult part. But penetration of Facebook in our lives has made thing quite simpler for marketing managers. The type of response a brand can get from Facebook is incredible. Which is why, sometimes, we do many things wrong without even knowing. We take things granted without…

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Invasion of Cloud Computing

We all are very well aware of Cloud computing, they way it works and the way it has made things convenient. Practically, cloud computing is ready to invade the technology sectors. If we believe the stats presented by experts, we may see quadruple increase in traffic in next few years. In coming few years, almost…

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Taking online shopping to a new level – Instagram

Well, this is a good news for people who love Instagram and for those whole love shopping. Instagram is a place where everything happens with images. And guess what, now it has started to support online shopping. It claims to read product tags and allow its users to buy the products up for sale with…

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Short Guide to Earn Online Buyers Trust

Cyber fraud is one of the biggest hindrance in growth of ecommerce. Despite of providing all the privileges to the consumer there are still some areas in the world where ecommerce is struggling. Despite of ensuring the security and safety of customer database, there is a thin air of speculation that stops a person from…

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