Cloud Computing a Boon for Developers

Previously, we talked about how cloud computing is really invading the IT sector and how it is going to take up the space of conventional data centers. And, experts are glad that dependency on infrastructure will reduce to a great extent… as cloud computing has many advantages over it. But how web developers, app developers and software developers are accepting this change? Would switching over to cloud makes the story happy for developers?

38% of developers admit that overall development time is reduced by 11.6% on cloud platforms.

The reason for saving such a good amount of time is streamlining the whole development cycle. Developers can easily and quickly make the things online, thus, cutting huge efforts required.

Everybody has a different opinion about the time saved while developing using cloud. While 10% of them some say that nearly 30% of the times is saved, while other 10% says that they did not experience any time saving on cloud platform.

Because we are talking about the developers particularly, we must understand the fact they spend their most of the time on creating and testing applications instead of worrying about infrastructure, scalability and deployment issues. And cloud platforms give the power to developers to not worry about such issues. Most of the cloud service providers allow them to use resources as service, which makes them to pay for things which they have used. Thus, reducing the cost of the whole project to a big extent.

for example with amazons web services, developers can

  • manage a distributed database with SimpleDB or RDS
  • host your sites on an EC2 instances
  • maintain and meet capacity of demands for content using CloudFront
  • use SQS or SNS for distributing messages and notifications
  • share and distribute your data on S3
  • and all this with several easy to handle API calls…

Developers that are associated with enterprises of different level may need not to worry about the infrastructure as they have a dedicated team to worry about it. But freelancers and small scale developers have work on their own regarding this aspect. Cloud computing would put an end to guessing game of storage space required. As, storage space can be easily scale up and down without worrying about the prior investments made.

Our in-house developer Shagun says, With cloud, infrastructure is the thing about which we are least worried. We’ve had our rackspace and disaster management was our main concern while putting any application or software on it. The biggest fear of disaster management is gone. We can work carefree now.”

Cloud computing is one big change that we are experiencing in recent time and the benefit it offers is surely a good for everyone associated with it.