Why Good UI/UX is important for your business?


According to data by Tony Haile of Chartbeat, A visitor spends average 15 seconds on a web page clicked from search results. Which means you have 15 seconds to grab the attention.

Good service, this is what you need to provide to your clients to earn a reputation and to establish yourself as a brand. A completely valid point. But what about those potential customers who came first time to you? How would they trust you? What would convince them to buy your product or service? Yes, their first time experience with you. They way you interact with them, listen to their requirements and problems. Your first interaction leaves a strong impression on potential client which is lifelong. The same things happen on web. But unfortunately, you are not physically present here to answer every query and to convince them. So, here the first look of your website is the game changer, it could make or break the relationship on very first instance.

Website designing is not about choosing colors and placement of icons. It is about creating an experience which could speak for you, about your services and products. I was working on an assignment with our Graphic Designer, Vinod and he clearly instructed me, “Do not simply place the icons here and there. Every icon has its strategic placement. Eyeballs of the visitor should not miss a single spec. If something is missed, it is equivalent to a missed opportunity or missed client.”

What web designing is perceived as, matching the colors and background theme with niche… but it is lot more than that. A good UI/UX has to be very simple, easy to navigate and clutter-free. It should convey what your business is all about. Fancy graphics to treat eyes is the trend of gone era. Now, responsive layouts and interactive designs are the requirements. People nowadays are using different types of devices to browse the web.

A virtual tour to the whole website or product catalog, bot assistance, live chat engines are few features that can make a website or application more interactive and helpful to hook the visitor.

This is actually not a very complicated thing to understand. If you take the pain and efforts to please your visitors, you will definitely win them.

Another prospect of UI/UX is the content. It has to be short, crisp and expressive. A visitor is least interested in knowing who you are, your history or management history or tag lines… They just want to know how you would help them in fulfilling their requirements. May be later they might get interested into knowing your organization’s history.

And, ofcourse, don’t forget about the clarity of the text. what’s the point of having a font which can not be read easily.