Why you need an Android app?

You can see a smartphone almost in every hand. Though the type of operating systems they have is different… but still there is one common thing, the mobile applications. Marketers don’t want to lose a single channel to promote their products and services and generate leads out of them. But if you have tight budget and afford to have application of single platform, what that would be? Android? iOS? Symbian or something else?

If I were you, I would have chosen Android. There are tonne of reasons that gives android an added advantage over other operating systems. I am not saying that other operating systems won’t generate leads for you or won’t give you good ROI. Statistically, Apple users belong to the rich stratum of the society. Whereas, Android users belong to all strata, even students from developing countries, nowadays, have an android smartphone. So it is easy to target wide range of audience from application that works on one platform.

Technically, there are many reasons that makes android a preferred choice of developers and marketers.

First, Launching app on play store is comparatively easy. Getting an app up on iTunes is not a child’s play. There are very strict guidelines. On the other hand, Google playstore allow the developers to easily launch their app. Also, you get the ease of launching alpha and beta phases of the app. Which help the developer and marketer to check the response and feedback towards the app. Playstore allows you to easily roll out the updates. Whereas, rolling out updates on iTunes is quite a cumbersome task.

Second, Android Open Source Project is free… Wohoo! From small individual developers to big enterprise development team, it matters a lot. If you got something free, you must leverage the advantage. Why waste your precious money on buying licenses, when you can get it free and easily do the rest of the branding work on the app store. Being an open source, things become less complicated. There is very large community working on it and you can ask fellow workers about the latest things happening in the community.

Third, if it is Android… it will work on almost, everything. Android apps are usually built on Java which makes it easy to port on other OS like Ubuntu, Chrome OS and Blackberry. The good news is, soon Microsoft will offer a way to easily port apps on windows. Android offers great touch support system. There are some easy to use widget sets available which helps in making the graphic layout of the app much easier to use.

These are just a few reasons to get an app built on Android platform. Although android is lot more than this. If you really want you business to reach heights, it is important to have an android app that suits to your business needs.