8 Must Haves in Ecommerce Site

E-stores are some kind of hit nowadays. From different brand-owned store to multi-brands, this online business looks profitable to many. However, getting an online store is not some easy task. It requires a lot of planning, execution, refining… both online and offline. The level of ease has risen up so high that buyer can easily the trace where his ordered item is right now and by what time he would receive it. So, we can not take any chance in any aspect of the website. Technically, a website has to be robust enough to deal with unexpected number of users. And there are many other things that needs to be focused upon.

  1. Web Hosting image-1
    Web hosting plays a crucial role in maintaining your site’s speed, it’s uptime and security. It is always advised to invest a few more bucks when it comes to hosting. Because compromising with it may result into high down time during peak hours, inability to handle huge traffic, compromised security of user’s crucial data like credit card information and other personal information.

  2. Navigation image-2
    So you’ve got huge variety, stunning images, well described products… but poor navigation. Poor navigation is equivalent to getting lost into an unknown city. You don’t know where to go further, in which category you are surfing, you want to see previously seen product but are unable to trace it back, dead ends. Things like these are definitely a big turn off for an ecommerce store. Navigation has to be smooth and seamless.

  3. image-3Security
    Well, no matter what you must not compromise with the security aspect of your website. Always remember that you are dealing with real people with real information, if by any chance some suspicious element enters in your website and steal your data, you and your business is almost doomed. So always have enough security measures for your website to prevent any sort of hacking.

  4. UI/UXimage-4User interface and User experience, both the things can make or break your user base. Pleasing and appealing designs definitely engage visitors with the website, but poor experience can ruin it. So, having both the things to the level best can help in boosting the business. Make sure all the product images, descriptions, reviews etc. are good enough to disseminate right knowledge to the user. In online shopping, user believes on what he is seeing, so show him the things in best picture quality.

  5. image-5Inventory
    Having the right information about stock is important for you and your customer. This would help him making his buying decision. Also, cancellation of order due to unavailability would directly affect your credibility, and waste your buyer’s time. So keep track of everything that is going out and coming in, and keep it updated on your website.

  6. image-6Shopping Cart
    A convenient shopping cart with minimum checkout steps is a boon for developers and buyers. Online shopping is as similar as in-store shopping. You select products, change your mind, take products out and so on. Providing a convenient platform to the buyers for final mind makeup would help the customer in becoming a return customer.

  7. Customer Support Engine

    An online customer support is just like the sales executive that we see in the shopping malls. Guiding you through the technicalities, intricacies and availability of the products. Having a chat engine is really a good idea to make customer experience alive. Customer support would help the customer to throw inquiries, feedbacks and grievances. It’s not bad to invest a few more buck into a robust chat engine, that could help you trace customers’ behavior and many other things. You can use various features of chat engines for quality check.

  8. Site Optimization image-8Okay, so you’ve done everything to please your customer. Now you must optimize your site as per search engine guidelines shows that you site shows up in search results. Things like, site speed, heading tags, meta tags, content etc. has to be as per plan.