Take your E-Commerce on a success path

53% of global internet users have made an online purchase in 2016- approx that’s 1 billion. (Source: US Government)

If you are an ecommerce owner (or planning to start a one), you would definitely get moved by stats mentioned above. If experts to be believed, there is very huge potential in online business, especially in ecommerce. If you do it in right way, you can earn many folds of profit in very less time. But again I am emphasizing on ‘doing it right way’

Well, here is a short list of tips… this can help you doing the ecommerce in the right way. In this list we’d shed focus on things that need to be done post development.


You would get just one chance to launch your e-store. So avoid any kind of rush. Before going live, make sure you’ve done all sort of testings and inventory management upto the mark. Because a buggy site breaks the visitor’s trust in very first instance. Content placement, image placement, product or service description etc. has to be in place before seen by your audience. Do all the the optimization work prior to the launch. Once the business gets in running condition, you cannot afford to make visible changes soon after the launch.

Customer care

Well, to earn the trust and loyalty of the visitors greet them personally, solve their problems, assist them in shopping and guide them through the website. You can do all this with good customer care service. Prompt responses from your side make your visitors feels assisted. Customer care is a great tool for generating leads. Also, this would help you in analyzing user behaviour and hence you can add on services as per your studies.

Go Mobile

In today’s era, ignoring the mobile channel would be utter foolishness. In addition to desktop site, take care of your mobile users with mobile site or Mobile app development, Infact, has become more important than web development. So, you better hire some good developers to do the job right. It is always advised to launch three sites altogether. As this reduces the marketing costs.


It is important for a business to cater the needs of all sets of potential buyers. If you think women are more shopaholic or particular geographic location would give you more profit… trash this theory.

40% of US males aged 18-34 say they would ‘ideally buy everything online, compared to 33% of females in the same age bracket. (Source: DDB Worldwide)

So you see, you cannot ignore any set of audience, you never know who becomes you more loyal patron.


There is a very old saying, Content is the king. Indeed it is. You can convince your online potential buyer with your content only, that includes text, audio, video and images. Anything that conveys a message. So you must be very very cautious with everything that you put on and that you don’t put on. Make sure you are not missing anything. Also, try not to be very persuasive or self-praising. Always make an offer which you can fulfill, avoid setting false hopes or wrong messages.