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What is a Payment Gateway and How Does It Work?

Online payments have become a part of our daily lives in no time. We’re transacting online not only through debit or credit cards but through numerous other modes like net banking, wallets, etc. Online invoice payment helps companies save time, is faster and saves maximum efforts for the clients. It helps in reducing, excessive costs…

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Take your E-Commerce on a success path

53% of global internet users have made an online purchase in 2016- approx that’s 1 billion. (Source: US Government) If you are an ecommerce owner (or planning to start a one), you would definitely get moved by stats mentioned above. If experts to be believed, there is very huge potential in online business, especially in…

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Short Guide to Earn Online Buyers Trust

Cyber fraud is one of the biggest hindrance in growth of ecommerce. Despite of providing all the privileges to the consumer there are still some areas in the world where ecommerce is struggling. Despite of ensuring the security and safety of customer database, there is a thin air of speculation that stops a person from…

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8 Must Haves in Ecommerce Site

E-stores are some kind of hit nowadays. From different brand-owned store to multi-brands, this online business looks profitable to many. However, getting an online store is not some easy task. It requires a lot of planning, execution, refining… both online and offline. The level of ease has risen up so high that buyer can easily…

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Role of Mobile Phones in ecommerce

The global mobile phone user base is 5.2 billion people, and 30% of them are smartphone users. Online shopping has always been a boon for us. What is more comfortable than shopping a huge variety of things at the ease of your home. But nowadays when we talk about online shopping or ecommerce, we get…

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Ecommerce SEO Trends of 2016

In recent trends it has been observed that marketers are more inclined towards paid advertising, due to stringent and frequently changing organic search algorithms. And, yes, it has become an easy way out to achieve the desired results. But we cannot ignore huge potential customers that we can get from organic searches. If done properly,…

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War of Apps and Estores : Who takes the cake?

When we talk about ecommerce, we are talking about providing convenience to our potential shoppers. And, what is more convenient than shopping while lying on couch, cuddling with the blanket on cozy sunday night. Ahh!!! sounds fun, even to the males out there who hate hopping malls. And, when ecommerce stores is available on the…

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