How Mobile Apps Can Help Digital Agencies?

So you are not a big enterprise and often read articles about having a mobile app for your business? Well, there are many of us who crave to get mobile app for their business. Indeed this is one of the great marketing channels, revenue generator etc. But you work in a niche where it looks difficult to have an app because you really don’t know what to serve with your app. Yes, I am talking about web service providers, developers, designers and software development companies and digital agenci. Software and web development industry make applications for the whole world, but when it comes to their own business, most of them don’t have any app.

So here is a list of ideas of services that you can have on your app, this would surely help you to match the ‘trend’ of apping.

Progress tracker

This is the first opportunity to ask your client to install your app, so that he gets connected to the progress of whole project. This allows your client and you to work together throughout the software development lifecycle. He can easily track the progress which would give him a sense of involvement. On the other hand, the development team would remain focussed on its task as they know their client is keeping an eye on them. This would help a lot in improving productivity.


If your client can trace the progress at every step, having an app would give him power to provide his valuable feedback at every step. This might bug many developers but this also helps the development team in moving in right direction. Good and bad, both type of feedbacks would motivate the development team to bring out the best from them.

Post delivery service

Well, many clients find it hard to trace the developers after the project is delivered. If you want to deliver an excellent service and post delivery service, you can leverage the power of your app. This would help your client in easily approaching you and vice-a-versa. Your app could become the most powerful tool for customer care and increasing customer loyalty.

Information provider

Whether you are service provider, customized software developer or SaaS provider, you can use your app to inform your clients about the latest updates that is happening inside, upgradations that your client might need, improvements and information resources.

There are many services that you can offer with your app. All you need is to think out of the box.

So to begin with, small to medium scale web development companies can incorporate these or similar services into their apps. This would actually take your customer loyalty to different level. Also, it would do word of mouth marketing for you without putting in much.