Trends to Watch Out in 2017 – Mobile App Development

As we are wrapping up 2016, we have our eyes on the opportunities and trends that 2017 will bring with it. There are many speculations in mobile app development industry regarding the practices to trash and follow in the coming year. Well, there are many thing that will remain the same in 2107. But yes, some trends are worth to catch up.


Internet of things has become the much hyped thing in last couple of years. In 2015, around 80 Internet of Things (IoT)-related acquisitions were made across the globe. This looks like an era of connected devices is approaching and that too at a very fast pace. This will open door of huge opportunities of application developers of all platforms. Since the demand is exponentially rising, the responsibility will be on developers to create apps that take advantage of smart device sensors to securely exchange personal information over wi-fi networks. If we go by the predictions of experts, the revenues and profits made by IoT will increase by two-fold in coming months. There will be no doubt that SMEs will be the first to gain huge profits from this boost. From industrial use to domestic uses, personal devices, automobiles; almost every sphere of life is getting connected to IoT. So, SMEs better be prepare for this, it’s time to make huge profits.


This is a good news for all the mobile app developers, no more crying for infrastructure. Cloud is not new but definitely going to hit its peak in the coming year. With the increasing load over networks, security issues and issues of ease of implementation; developers are preferring to migrate over cloud. No matter if it require some extra efforts but migrating over cloud will give more stability to applications in future. With cloud, it will be easier for application developers of different platforms to develop cross platform products without worrying about disk space or storage or RAM.

Augmented Reality/ Virtual Reality

The craze of AR/ VR is on the rise. Which is why it is a big challenge for the application developers to cope with the rising demands and fulfill the expectations of the consumers. This could be challenging and give a rise to competition among developers in the community, especially on different platforms like Symbian, android and iOS. And to make things more interesting, it’s been assuming that AR/ VR accompanied with GPS will be more in trend. Well, this would be interesting to know how applications would take a shape in 2017.

Enterprise apps

Gone is the age of manual work management at workplaces. Now things have gone digital and enterprises of all level prefer to track productivity, manage accounts, messaging among peers and many other things through desktop application, which now have mobile versions. Now the catch is, developers are ready to make applications which are compatible with wearable. So, in 2017 get ready to take your workplace everywhere with you through your smartphones and wearables.

In the United States, more than 50% companies are expected to start using 10+ mobile enterprise applications in 2017. (Source :