5 Start Rating… It’s not a Child’s Play

Every business aims to deliver good service and client satisfaction… Specially in IT industry, where professionals are dealing with stiff competition. And to build a reputation in such a big industry is a big task. Here, good ratings and reviews from customers indeed help a lot in making a presence. But what is more difficult is convincing the clients to leave ratings and testimonials.

“If we work above client’s expectation, deliver the project on time and within the budget… it motivates the client to leave a good rating. If we are making him happy, he makes us happy too with 5 star rating and I think this is fair enough.” Say, Varun Markanday, Member of business development team at UcodeSoft.

In a chit chat with Varun, I get to know that not every client is willing to leave testimonial or rating. You have to ask them for leave such ratings and this is not a big deal for him. If his team is capable of making clients happy, getting good reviews is his right… this is what he consider.

“I understand the project deeply and complete it in the given time . I understand the requirements of the client and suggest him how to have successful completed project in the given time restrictions.”, Says Damanjit, Associate Software Engineer at UcodeSoft

Well, there is no hard and fast strategy to get good reviews. Every project has its own requirements and every client is different. You cannot make everyone happy in a same way. So, you first need to identify the needs of your client. Involving him in different and every phase of development is a good thing to do. This would help the development team to understand the client in better way. Also, this would help the team to avoid unmanageable mistakes. If something unwanted is happening in one phase of development, your client will give his feedback right there… thus preventing wrong turns.

Second important thing is timelines. There is very old saying, ‘time is money’. Value your client’s and your time and things will work out on their own. If every phase of a project is getting completed in time, the development team can wrap up whole thing on time. On time delivery is one big factor that motivates your client to leave good reviews for the company.

Every thing really doesn’t matter if you don’t deliver quality work. Having outstanding quality can overshadow all the other lagging factors. Also, you can excuse your delayed delivery with quality that you are delivering. But if you compromise with the quality for other factors like timely delivery and low budget… you are putting up your long term relationships at stake.

Set a target. While working on an assignment, there are tonne of things that pre-occupy the mind of team working on it. They don’t give even a second thought to getting testimonials, reviews and ratings. But if the team leader motivates the members for bagging 5 stars, they might change their way of working on assignments. This is just like preparing for an exam to get good grades. Motivating your team to work for stars can bring the change in their work approach. And team leaders must remember, if his team could not achieve it this time, there is always another chance to prove the caliber.
“We officially don’t have a leader in our team. But we keep on motivating each other to work for 5 stars. Everybody works for money, we also work for it but we also want to do some exceptions. As of now, we don’t get cent percent rating for every assignment but we want to set a benchmark of cent percent positive reviews and we work hard for this.” This is what Damanjit has to say, who works as Associate Software Engineer at UcodeSoft.