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5 Points to Reckon your Marketing Success

Marketing a product or service has always been a tedious task. With stiff competition and emerging marketing techniques, marketers are facing a tough time. But we must not criticize sharp brains of marketers who by anyways make their ways towards success.

There are different types of businesses and so as their marketing campaigns. There are certain business types that do not involve sales or downloads. So tracking the success of such campaigns becomes an intricate task. So what could be other parameters to consider? Well, there are many other things that can used to reckon the success. Here, we will talk about online channels only.

Visitor Engagement

Having a website for your business is more like a trend nowadays. So you’d put up content in the form of text, images, videos, GIFs etc. How capable is your content to keep your visitor engaged is one parameter to count. Content is meant to convey the information, if it is being read or watched, the purpose is served. Visitors’ activity on the page can be easily traced using Google Analytics tool.

Predictive Analysis

Predictive analysis has becoming one of the major tools for accounting success. You can use these values to analyse customer’s behavior with your business, his satisfaction level, his shopping habits etc. One major thing that you can calculate with predictive analysis is how other companies of your niche are doing. Where you are standing among your competitors. What more can be done to reach the benchmark. All these things help a lot in measuring success.

Cost of Customer Acquisition

Publicising your product or service demands money that intent lead generation. If that lead doesn’t end into money paying customer, you need to revamp your strategy. Do you know serious marketers have the capability to calculate the cost they are paying acquisition of every single customer. And yes, it is very important for every business to calculate this cost to know if they are making any profits of not. If the cost to find and convince a new customer is too much, you need to again think about whole marketing idea.

Unique Visitors and Returning Visitors

Well, we all die for unique visitors for our websites. Along with that it is very important to pay attention towards returning visitors. If you have good number of unique visitors, it’s a great news. But what more entice me is the returning visitor. There is something in your website that is calling your visitors back and that is the real success in my opinion.


Spying into your competitors strategy is one important point of every marketing plan. But what we are doing, how better we are doing from our past? It is very important to keep track of your efforts. What result we got yesterday? Last week? Last month? Last year? If we are going forward, this means we are good. If by chance we are doing into negative, it’s high time to alter things, try new strategies, invest more time and money into plan of execution.
However, every business is different from other, but these are some generic things to be consider. I hope this would help!