Keyword and its Importance in SEO

In online world, keywords are the keys to find your web pages in search results. There was a time when keywords were considered as most important ranking factor for a website. If optimized properly, these keywords had the capability to get your web pages ranked top. But then webmasters started their over-optimization to the level of unethicality. Then huge algorithms were rolled out by Search Engines and started ignoring Meta tags. This came as a shocker to the SEO world. Indeed, it was. But to be very clear, Search Engines ignore Keyword Meta Tags, not ‘Keywords’. Yes, there is a difference in these two.

Smart algorithms were rolled out that have the capacity to automatically rank your web pages for certain keywords, no matter what has been specified in Meta Tags.

Now the question comes… If Search Engines automatically rank web pages for keywords, what is the point of even optimizing the keywords?

Exactly, there is no point of optimizing your Keyword ‘Tags’. But you have to tell the search engine by certain way that this web page is about this ‘particular’ subject. E.g. You have a website about pet care. And, you have created a page about ‘dog care’. Now, your whole content will revolve around dog caring tips… the images, alt tags, header tags etc. must reflect the subject of page. Just like a human being, search engine should get to know the subject of page with instant glance.

As soon keyword tags lost their importance, the whole SEO strategies took an upside down shift. The keyword research tools started losing their business. But wait. Again, you cannot randomly start creating web pages and let search engine spiders guess the keywords. Nowadays, things are less trickier than they used to be. Now, it’s all about using human brains and relying less on statistics shown by keyword research tools. At least, for the websites that are into real time business.

Okay, there is second other thing, that you often hear from SEO experts is… Promote yourself as a ‘brand’. This is actually very important. Associate everything with your brand name and make your brand a keyword. This strategy takes time to show results, but in the end it brings huge success. This is why ‘#Hashtag’ trend is becoming extremely popular.

We are not considering those people here, who use hashtags on social pages without even knowing their significance.

While I was writing this post, I realized that the keyword density of word ‘keyword’ is too high. Jokes apart!

So, we can conclude then keywords are still important in SEO… it’s just the different way they are being now used. More sensibly and less theoretically.