Internet of Things – Simple but not Small

In the recent days we have been hearing a lot about Internet of things. Wearables are perfect example of IoT. And low priced devices are making people more aware about it. Well, wearables are the tiniest form, we still cannot imagine the power it has to transform the way we live. Nowadays buildings, vehicles, jet engines of airplanes physical devices like water purifiers, televisions, home automation system has capability to process the data. This means, the very basic appliances that we have in our homes are equipped with sensors, actuators and data analyzers. These devices are connected to the network via cloud computing and fulfill some of their needs without human intervention. But are we actually realizing the potential of IoT?

Everyday I read couple of articles about IoT and I am actually amazed how strongly we are turning a blind eye towards it. In reality we don’t pay attention that service we are using is actually a part of IoT. The sincere example of this is Uber service. We know it as a transportation service. Whereas, the chauffeurs carrying GPS devices with strong network connectivity is perfect example.

On the other hand, there are many things that depends on the marketing of the service or product. If you simply say that ‘get this home automated system which is connected to internet’. You would think of it as regular home automation systems. However, if you associate words like security, feasibility, accessibility and ease with this home automation system, you would definitely get it installed without second thought.

This is what most products or services do that are part of IoT. If leveraged properly and wisely, there are many catastrophes that can be avoided using data processed by sensors installed in machines, building and other physical devices. The best part of things connected to IoT is that they require least human intervention. So, if by chance you forget to get your refill toner of your printer, it sends message to service center and fix an appointment with the technician. Of course, you can cancel this appointment anytime. This is a very small example, there are very big projects that are connected with IoT.

If we sit down to have a conversation about IoT, that would be never ending. But still we are in the phase to understand and estimate how it is going to impact the lives. The challenges we may face and opportunities that may grow are still being reckon. As of now, we must learn to exploit the potential of things that are associated with IoT.