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4 Tips to Increase Productivity of your Organization

Despite of having so many ready to use project management platforms, most of the software development firms struggle to increase productivity. I have come across many technical leads, team leads and other sort of managers who pressurize their team to deliver 150% of their capability. Call it pressure or motivation, but employees are being forced to deliver more than what they can, they are made to work day and night to meet the deadlines. Which is affecting their productivity in long term and learning capacity. Managers need to understand that there are many other good ways to increase the productivity, rather than making people skip holidays, lunches and work late nights.

Adopting an Agile Methodology

Off lately, this is one of the best techniques adopted to increase the productivity of software development life cycle. According to a survey of Tech beacon, there are 51% of software firms that are altering their work flow with agile methodology. Agile approaches help teams respond to unpredictability through incremental, iterative work cadences and empirical feedback.  Considering the flexibility of workflow, the teams that working with this process have ample time to work upon pitfalls due to its repetitive approach.

Boycotting Department Silo Culture

Many organizations boast off their huge and dedicated departments, like designing, development, testing, planning and so on. It is good to have dedicated teams for different phases. But the leader should not forget that at the end of the day, it’s the team that has to work together to culminate things successfully. Departmental silos can limit the productivity to a huge extent. Departments cannot understand the limitations and constraints very well. Sometimes, departments turn selfish and insensitive towards others and focus on their individual success instead of collaborative success. In such situations, companies may develop an environment of blaming each others for failures and delays.

Check on Work Load

Always think a number of times before making any commitment to the client. It is good to take ample of time to deliver good product than lingering on the delivery or making excuses for bugs. You must make the claims that you can fulfil. Think about your team first, they are humans. Do not overload them and give them ample time for breathers. Frequent breathers affect their productivity in a positive way. Moreover, to maintain healthy relations with your clients, you must make them understand that good things need good time to hatch. Nothing can be done in a fraction of second and you need time for developing the product that can match upto their expectations.


This is one of the important ring of software development life cycle. Due to lack of communication there lacks a transparency between teams, managers and sometimes stakeholders as well. Many a times higher ups are also involved in this life cycle by some means. And due to several responsibilities they cannot devote good time in the project. Their untimely intervention may hamper the production. To avoid this, organization must adopt project management systems and communication systems with which progress can be easily traced without disturbing the production. This improves the transparency among the higher up, managers and other team members.