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Why twitter is losing its importance?

Back in 2006, twitter came into market with a bang. It was one of its kind of social networking site. It is more than just connecting with your friends, infact, it’s a way of getting connected to the people you admire. The most loved thing about twitter is you can connect with the biggies of world… be it political celebrities, movie stars, musicians, marketing gurus and who not. Soon this microblogging website became favorite of everyone… it was like twitter fever all over. Then what went down? Why everything is stagnated for twitter founders? Crashed stock prices, stalled user base is what this website is experiencing nowadays.

“We have five priorities in 2016 to serve this focus: refinement of our core service; live streaming video; our creators and influencers; safety; and developers. Each is critical to us strengthening our platform and audience around live,” reads the financial statement.

This is what has happened while announcing 4th quarter results… which were quite disappointing.

We will continue to invest more resources in making our platform safer. We stand for freedom of expression, and people must feel safe in order to speak freely. Online harassment and abuse is a difficult challenge. This year we will implement technology to help us detect the use of repeat abusive accounts, make it much simpler to report multiple abusive Tweets or accounts, and give people simpler tools to curate and control their experience on Twitter.”

These were some of the highlights of the financial statement, which also gives a hint about the tension among the twitter executives.

We can assume that twitter has losing its charm among young users. Reason being, 140 characters limitation and nothing much to do on the wall. It’s true that younger generation want new and engaging features to make their social life more interesting, other than sharing micro blogs. No doubt this platform is one of the strong platforms to say your word, but it is becoming monotonous.

Number two, marketers who use twitter to retrieve data for analysis aren’t getting enough information that rivals are offering.

Another weakness, according to Sheedy, is that right now Twitter isn’t able to provide the same level of rich data to marketers when compared to its competition.

Forrester Research analyst Tim Sheedy says that the comparison is valid in that they are both advertising platforms

“They are both ways for companies to reach customers and prospects. If you are going to invest in a network you want it to be as big as possible and you want to get a good response rate on it,” Sheedy says.

“Twitter is delivering neither of those things effectively for the moment.”

Number three, twitter has become a platform of serious talks. If you are seeking fun chats, status or updates… twitter won’t give you much. On the other hand, for religious topics, political debates, general trends, twitter has so much to offer. Which means, those those who are looking for a break from things going around in the world would prefer to stay away from it. Twitter needs to bring a change in its environment. Moreover, there is certain percentage of population who want a private social network. Whereas twitter offers no privacy as of now.

As claimed by the twitter officials that their active user base is bouncing back on track in the new year. Let’s hope that this becomes true for little birdie and we shall see some big surprises (good surprises, I mean) from twitter this year.