War of Apps and Estores : Who takes the cake?

When we talk about ecommerce, we are talking about providing convenience to our potential shoppers. And, what is more convenient than shopping while lying on couch, cuddling with the blanket on cozy sunday night. Ahh!!! sounds fun, even to the males out there who hate hopping malls.

And, when ecommerce stores is available on the ease of mobile apps; the result is flowing in money. And yes, this is why an ecommerce store is built, for increasing sales.

Wondering why there is a steep lean towards mobile e-store apps?

*Let’s not confuse mobile apps with mobile websites.

If I talk about my own experience, I am too lazy to boot up my computer and wait for things to get load on the big chunky screen… I am simply impatient for all these. And why not, when I can launch an e-store with just a tap.

Second, when I login to desktop version or mobile version of an e-store; I see lots of unwanted banners grabbing my attention and eating my bandwidth. However, mobile app is straightforward and shows me what I want to see.

So, these were just few my view points. If we look from Ecommerce store owners’ perspective, what are the reasons to get an app for your store?

Freedom of portability and mobility makes smartphones and tablets everyone’s hot favorite. And, leveraging the changing scenario, online marketing managers are fighting to capture the maximum share of loyal customers. Especially, the ecommerce store owners taking the big leap by going mobile.

So, you are an e-store owner and thinking of going mobile? Great move!!! But does your store need an app or mobile website?

This could be a confusing moment for you. Hmmm!!! Let’s get to some stats to clear the haze.

According to a survey, published in Business Insider, big giants like Amazon and Ebay gets upto 70% attention from mobile app visitors and only 30% share goes to browser. That’s massive!!

In 2014 Harris Poll conducted a survey among mobile users and showed that 64% participants find mobile apps convenient to use. Whereas, 62% participants said that mobile apps are easier to use. So, apps win again.

There is a never ending argument that gaming apps and social media app takes the cake in statistics and makes a favorable situation for apps. However, revised survey of Comscore reveals that removing social media and games does not make any significant difference.

Stats of apps v/s estores
And the most interesting stat, word of mouth promotion for apps is worth a look.

stats of apps v/s estores

These fact figures show that sooner mobile apps may completely take over websites. And why not, they are so convenient to use. You can reach your customer anytime, anywhere; offline availability; easy and fast payments; customer retention are just a few benefits to talk about. It’s time to talk about some real deal. Mobile apps have considerable effect on revenues.

Data analysis

Mobile apps help in-depth analysis of users’ behaviour. It helps you in tracking the check points where a user drops, his preferences and his searches. Such calculation makes you present him with products more of his likes which significantly increases the impulsive shopping.

Touch of Personalization

Cutting edge competition in the retail industry are forcing the big brands to stagnate their prices. This gives a room to retailers to offer discount coupons, sales and bargaining. Beeping of all these notification on the smartphones leaves a personalized touch on every user. In a recent survey, it has been showed that app users actually wait for promotional notifications more than a message from relative. Increased personalization = Increased loyalty.

Brand promotion

A  mobile app itself says a lot about its brand. If your app has managed to land into your customers’ smartphone, it will surely make its way to many others. Having a good app encourages your customer to talk about it, write a review and recommend it to others. And, a word of mouth publicity does way better than other means of promotion. But, having a good app is not just enough… you need to provide good services too.

Having a mobile app is just not just about following the market trend. This is the real deal in today’s era. Having invested some money in getting an app may give you fruitful results later, provided you are doing it in the right way.

In the later posts, we will talk about how to do the APPing in right way.