5 Quick Tips for Facebook Marketers

For every brand, correct e-marketing seems like the most difficult part. But penetration of Facebook in our lives has made thing quite simpler for marketing managers. The type of response a brand can get from Facebook is incredible. Which is why, sometimes, we do many things wrong without even knowing. We take things granted without realizing that minute mistakes are impacting a good section of potential buyers.

In this post, I’ve jot down some points that would help Facebook marketers to avoid things that can break their audience.

Keep things fresh

In an analytics released by Buddy Media, half of the brands have uploaded their cover photo once and 21% of other brands have changed it only twice. Well, to all the marketers… If you change your own cover photo and profile photo so frequently, why not change your brand’s page photos? Frequently changing pictures gives an essence of freshness and makes people curious about your brand and page. You can incorporate your latest offerings, discounts, newly introduced products. You can play a lot with your cover photo. All you need to keep one thing in consideration… The cover photo guidelines issued by Facebook.

Less is more

If you post too much or brag about your brand, your audience will lose interest in your page eventually. Talk less but sense. Let people be curious about your posts and other sort of content. If you provide everything without even asking who would care what are you updating? Frequent updates on your page may annoy your followers and they may unfollow you just to avoid notifications from your side. And yes, there is no point in publishing unnecessary things, which is not adding any value to your content. So make sure whatever you are posting is spreading knowledge among your audience.

Tracking the analytics logo-facebook-insights

Every week I receive an email from Facebook about my page’s stats. Well, this is very proactive measure of Facebook. If marketers are not interested in checking their page’s performance, Facebook itself pings the page manager. And, I think only those who are least interested in generating leads from Facebook will ignore these stats. In reality,these stats are very simple to analyze and very valuable.

Ignoring the critics

Facebook is a platform where you can have a chit-chat with your potential customers one on one basis. I’ve seen many brands who either ignore or delete the bad comments in order to present their clean image. This is not the solution to customer’s grievances. Rather, marketers should accept the criticism sportingly, and use it as a feedback tool to improve their service. In fact, responding to negative comments with a positivity gives an impression of being responsible to customer’s problems. You care about them and you make efforts to solve their problems, this is what you should convey through your brand page.

Liking your own updates fb-like

Well, this is the most hilarious thing that I see on brand pages. Liking your own update is utter foolishness. You know what you’ve posted, you felt that content is worth sharing which is why you add it on your page. Now, let your audience decide if it is worth liking or not. No matter how much you like your post, never ever like it yourself.