Off Page Optimization Techniques You Must Avoid

They way a human requires food for sustenance, similarly, a website requires optimization for sustaining in search engines. Quite a weird analogy, but this is true. A webmaster always look for innovative ways to make his website rank among top positions. Sometimes too much of dedication proves fatal for the website. Too much optimization may get a websites penalized, because that make things looks unnatural to search engines. And algos are designed in a way that it bans websites that utilize automated processes. So, in this post, I shall try to shed some light on the off page techniques that could invite penalties to a website. Hope this helps!

Generating automated content

Content always play a crucial role in deciding the reputation of the website. Both search engines and users love websites that provide valuable content. You can easily find content generators and spinners that promise to create good content for you. No matter what promise the producers are making, these tools can never generate valuable content. And, if you want your website to get doomed, you may invest money on these content generators and spinners. And, by chance, if you are publishing this automated content without proofreading, you yourself is killing your reputation. Because they have huge grammatic and semantic errors.

Sleazy links

Backlink structure can make or break the ranking of your website. Buying links, link exchange, links from spam sites etc. can get your website penalized for having low quality backlinks. Links from comment spamming, article submission, directory submission etc. would get you nothing. However, directory submission is important for building business but for backlinks, this practice is useless. To cut the the long story short, any link or too many links from suspicious sources may harm your website. So think a million times before building any link building strategy.

Off Site blog

Blogging is considered as one of the best optimization techniques. But what many of the webmasters do is, hosting a blog using third party service like blogger. Now the question is, when you have a website hosted somewhere, why are you compromising with your blog? You  can get it hosted on same location, within your website. Off site hosting can add on burden of optimizing 2 different websites.

Coherent Backlinks

I have come across many webmasters who plan to build all their backlinks to home page. We must remember one thing, every page of a website acts as individual website and requires equal effort for attaining good rank. If your website have all the backlinks to its home page, that looks completely unnatural and suspicious to search engines. So, divert your backlinks to all the pages of your website in a coherent manner.

Ignoring the social channels

Social platforms like Google plus, instagram, twitter, facebook etc. are no more just marketing channels. They can play a major role in deciding the ranking of your website and bringing search results from respective social pages. Well, there are many who people who think just having a social page is enough for their off page optimization campaign is enough. Having a live, valuable page with user generated content is important for any website. You may see slow results in the beginning but undivided devotion can bring good results.