How to use social media like biggies?

Social media has now become the mainstream marketing channel for almost every product and organization… no matter what’s the scale. The way it is being incorporated into campaigns may or may not bring the success. Some marketers believe that advocating the product/company would do the job. This is not cent percent true. Instead of using it for promotion, it would be good if used as communication channels with existing and potential customers. If we look at social pages of big brands, it looks like they are already famous and they really did not have to make much efforts to get the target audience. But, to tell you… even big brands work hard to succeed and they too make big blunders.

To keep audience engaged there has to be a predefined strategy. How you are going to use this channel? And how much time and money you are going to devote. Big brands like Harley Davidson, Coca cola, Oreo cookies etc. invest their upto 25% of marketing budget on digital channels. Of course not everyone has same strategy and budget. But not to get disheartened. There is something for everyone that can be learnt from big brands.

1. Pampers Pampers_Logo

We all know that diapers are something that everyone ‘cannot’ relate to. But still they manage to steal the show. The mantra to their success is focus on creating a community. Yes, team of Pampers does not emphasize on creating market, rather they believe in building a community of parents. This approach helps the team to increase the engagement with audience.

2.CA Technologies CA tech

CA technologies is an independent software company. Now, when it comes to advocate a software company things become little intricate. Because software is something that does not have a special space in everyone’s life. Okay! So, leave that section of audience aside and focus on audience which might be interested in getting their job done from you or interested in being a part of you. What we can learn from CA technologies in calling people from the organization to be a part of campaign. It is believed that no one can advocate an organization better than its employees. And, if employees are happy, they will put in their best efforts to get their job done. Just put up this picture on your social channels and let them speak for you. This approach will help in building business, audience and attracting talent.

3.Taco Bell Taco Bell

When it comes to talk about food, things become little easy here. You can call people to share what they are eating, what they would like to eat or what’s their favorite. Personalization. This is what Taco Bell is doing with their client base. They personally interact with their clients, make them feel special and be friends with them instead of fan or follower. People like it when their favorite brand or product shows care to them. They will definitely respond positively. And sometimes they become the best critics.

4.Dominos Dominos

Dominos is the favorite pizza brand of almost half of the world. They way these guys handle social media is quite commendable. Their facebook page is more like customer care channel. They use this channel to address the problems very bravely. I would rather say admins are doing great job in answering hate queries, delayed deliveries and other problems. Their approach is helping them correcting their mistakes, compensating and showing people that they don’t turn a blind eye towards complaints.

However, strategies of brands like oreo, coca cola, papa john’s, ford are worth to look at. But they invest huge money. However above mentioned brands also invest good amount, but they do something which can be done by anyone of us without burning holes in our pockets. You don’t need HD videos, flashy GIFs, pie-charts etc. They simply just need human involvement and we can do this very easily. We just need ample of time here.

So, try incorporating these tips into your strategies and see how this works for you. Good Luck!