Myths Related to Software Development Outsourcing

Software development industry is at its full bloom. To many professionals, it was a hobby which now has taken a shape of full fledged business with money flowing in. But what looks like golden is not always gold. Very few of us get a chance to see what happens behind the scenes, and, I feel lucky to be in the vicinity of people who can show me the inside out of this industry. There are million of challenges that are being faced everyday. And, what is really surprising part about is the myths which are associated with this business. Well, I cannot break these assumptions, but will try hard to highlight some trivial issues which act as roadblock in success of a software development company.


Exposure of crucial data to outsiders

Being possessive about our possessions is human tendency. And, when this possession is related to our business, we become even more skeptical. This is why business owner doesn’t want to risk their data and intellectual property rights by outsourcing software development. It is believed that all critical and confidential data is being exposed to third party.

Whereas, the truth is… Even if you have an in-house competent software development team, you will allocate hosting to third party data center. Now, if you find an software development company who have their own data centers, be it small ones… consider yourself lucky. No matter to which country you are outsourcing your job, there are some legal agreement, according to which user client’s data is always kept confidential. So don’t worry about that.


Outsourcing affects local economy

This is indeed a very good thing if you think about the economy of your country. If you believe that outsourcing a job is taking away the opportunities from the local people and have a negative influence on the economy… think again!

Outsourcing a job would give a higher productivity in return. If you subcontract the development job, you can cut the cost to huge extent and hence pass on the profit to shareholders and stakeholders. Also, higher profit means you can play a good role in fulfilling corporate social responsibilities.  


Communication Gap

There will be  communication gap due to which final output will not be as per requirement and desired. We still need an infrastructure to fill this gap only then we can have a successful relationship with an offshore software development company.

We can say that we can improve our infrastructure, but we still have ample of tools and technologies to support long distance and offshore businesses. In fact, the budding software development companies are becoming very responsive to the changes suggest by clients. And with agile technology things are getting easier for both the ends. And surprisingly, with end results both the parties are more than happy.