Has technology really taken up our lives?

In past few years I have been reading a lot about invasion of technology into our routine lives. From the minute we wake up till we get into deep sleep. If we go back to 20th century, there were very few things around us that were technology driven, controlled by microprocessors or chips or have software to make it functional. But today, even our water bottles have electronic trackers to keep a check on our water intake.

Sometimes I really wonder if this invasion is good for us or leaving a negative impact. There is a huge debate about it, since years. Experts believed that the level of indulgence is sometimes scary. We don’t need any demographics to say that people of all ages have higher dependencies on things that are driven by technology. And, we are not talking only about, internet, computers or smartphones. We are talking about everything, from microwave ovens to smart refrigerator to smart tvs, smart security system, digital communication system, hi-tech cars, robotic arms etc. used in medical fields and many others things, that are making a good space into our lives.

If I look at this industry, I see a complete boon for mankind. And why not? Technology driven things are making our lives simpler to a great extent. Not only simpler but efficient as well. How? Don’t you like the human sensing bath fittings? This might be simplest example. However, there is no end to count the things which have taken man to different planets, or unmanned satellites capturing and sending pictures from the space. If incorporated properly, these things can help in human development a lot.

On the other hand it’s a big time opportunity for the coming generation to explore and develop new things. With the rising use of technology into daily routine, new career paths are being generated. But there is always a flip side to everything. If we, as human, understand our moral responsibility and make best use of technology, we can overcome the drawbacks to much extent. Yes, technology has really taken up our lives but its positive side has got more weightage.