twitter vs facebook

Facebook or twitter… What suits to your business?

In social media war there are two strong platforms that are constant issue of debate. Efficiency of twitter and facebook has always been an agenda. You can definitely invest time and money in both, but which one should get more attention? Today we will put some spotlight on pros and cons of both and conclude a winner.


There is no doubt that facebook has more audience penetration than that of twitter.

Facebook Statistics

  • 968 million daily active users
  • 844 million mobile daily active users
  • 1.49 billion monthly active users
  • 1.31 billion mobile monthly active users
  • 83% of users outside of the US and Canada

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Twitter Statistics

  • 316 million monthly users
  • 80% of active users on mobile
  • 77% of users outside the U.S.
  • 500 million tweets sent per day

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But what interesting is that despite of having winning statistics, marketing a brand over twitter gives more success. Twitter users tend to follow brands, talk about products and services more than that of facebook users.

The reason behind is, its microblogging format. People get quick bite of what they are looking for.


Despite of having very engaging and static format, when it comes to marketing twitter takes the winning share. The more facebook is going for paid advertising options, companies with low marketing budget or who believes inorganic marketing are sliding towards twitter.

With platform like twitter, people are free to follow what they genuinely like. Whereas, paid advertising options on facebook, push people to like their brand and follow it. This genuine interest increase the user engagement with the brand.

Moreover, with micro post format of twitter, marketers can send out more tweets and engage more audience with them. Just as a general guideline, it’s recommended that you Tweet five or more times per day, and post to Facebook three to 10 times a week.

twitter vs facebook stats


Facebook is indeed a platform for social interactions with friends and relatives. It engages you more with its apps and games. It is more like a person’s personal space for interaction. On the other hand, twitter is good for making stuff viral, concluding researches, marketing etc.

twitter vs facebook

From the image we can clearly conclude that though people tend to spend more time on facebook but average pages per visit of twitter is way higher than facebook. It’s because twitter is more about sharing information and news whereas facebook also have room for personal interactions.

The topic of efficiency of facebook and twitter has always been an issue of debate but marketers never want to miss a single channel of driving leads. So, social media campaigners invest time and money on both channels. From the above facts and figures, we may say that twitter is eventually taking a lead from facebook. But, but but… marketers should analyse their target audience’s preference before investing time and money on any of the platform.