8 Daily habits that could change your life

With the growing competition in your professional life, sometime we tend to feel leave everything behind and go out in search of solace. Everyday we fight with ourselves and push ourselves to beat the competition, leading to a stressful life. But not everyone is living this way, there are many people out there who live a happy and competitive life. All you need to do is bit of adaptations in your daily life.

As you wake up early in the morning, you must promise yourself to be appreciative. Yes, this is a simple rule. You will get what you sow. Appreciate the morning sun for being so bright and bringing light in your life. Appreciate your family members for teeny weeny tasks they do for you. Praising someone will lift their mood and so as yours. On the other hand, if you have the habit of finding faults, you are just making your own life miserable. Instead, ignore mistakes and start loving small things around you.

Get surrounded by people with positive attitude. Attitudes are transmissible. If someone talks politely with you, you tend you reciprocate in same way. If you spend your day among people who talk positive and love to stay happy, you will eventually see a drastic difference in your own attitude. You intentionally don’t try to remain happy like others, slowly you imbibe happiness in yourself.

Spend some good time with real people instead of smartphones, tablets and playstations. That beeping cellphone can wait few minutes if you are in middle of fun with your family or friends. What’s the fun of spending whole day in high definition graphics mobile games? Instead, go out with your kids or friends and play some real stuff. It is very important to bust your tension with some physical activities. And, give a break to your facebook account. Go and meet your friends in real.

Break the shackles of past. If you are still stuck with the bad meeting held yesterday, you are creating trouble for yourself. You better take lessons from past and move on for better tomorrow.. If you keep sticking to it, you are mere wasting your time. Broken relationships, bad experiences, arguments can be excused. Start living in present. This is the best place to live. On the other hand, if future bothers you, give yourself a break. You must make arrangements for bright future, but if you are spoiling your present for the same, you are somehow spoiling your future too.

If you are among those who cannot say ‘No’ to anything, you definitely push a lot of burden on your shoulders. Refusing a request is not that difficult as it seems. All you need is to understand that a small ‘no’  will not destroy the world. It is better to say ‘no’ in the beginning rather than regretting it later.

Drink Green tea. It is believed that green tea detoxify your body and hence flushing out negativity from the body. Do not eat carbs during lunch, that will make you feel lazy. The more energized you feel, the more happy you will remain. So intake food that is light on your tummy. Just remember one thing, anything that you eat or drink… relish it. Taste it, enjoy it.

Do you have some good outfits in your closet? If not, buy some today. if you feel good about yourself, you need to look good. Every time you look at your reflection in the mirror, your good appearance lifts your mood. Another thing that makes you look good is ample sleep. An adult should sleep atleast, 7-9  hours everyday. This relaxes your mind and body. Moreover, with good sleep adds charm and glow on your face.

Take out some time for yourself, no matter what. Spare some 30 minutes for yourself, even if you have to buy them. During these 30 minutes do something that you love. Obviously, you must not going to check your professional emails during this time. But yes, you write email to a loved relative, friend… or why not call them. If you love cooking, prepare a good meal. Spend some time with your fish (or any other pet). There are tonne of things that you can do to make your innerself happy.