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Manage Your Stress Levels at Workplace

Career related stress not only affects your productivity but it also affect your physical and mental well being. Every person takes stress on it own way. But it is very important for everyone to curb it at a very early stage before it starts affecting your emotional intelligence. Identify signs and symptoms A sailor can…

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Fight Against Procrastination

How many of you take a quick shuffle between work windows and facebook window or youtube? With clock ticking and deadlines approaching, you know you have only few hours to complete the assignment but prefers to check your emails first. If that’s your story, you fall into the category about the people we are going…

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Failed to balance work and home? Try once again

Maintaining a perfect balance between professional and personal life is a matter of choice. I have seen many people excusing their personal time for sake of official matters. Which is not right for their family on one hand, it is hampering their productivity on the other hand. Rising challenges is one reason for increasing working…

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8 Daily habits that could change your life

With the growing competition in your professional life, sometime we tend to feel leave everything behind and go out in search of solace. Everyday we fight with ourselves and push ourselves to beat the competition, leading to a stressful life. But not everyone is living this way, there are many people out there who live…

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How to cope with sedentary lifestyle at work place?

Do you keep on guzzling cups of coffee one after another on your workstation? Or have your healthy snacks are being replaced by cheese and mayonnaise burgers during office parties? Are you the one who keep shuffling between files or windows at your computer screen for long hours? If, your answer is ‘Yes’ for any…

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