How to Empower Agility in your Organization?

What is agility?

Agility is defined as the capacity to think and understand with fast pace. And nowadays, agility is often used with software development and deployment process. Every second organization claims to use agile methodology in software development process. In agile methodology, the whole development process is chopped in phases and every phase is reassessed and adapted as per the business environment

When we talk about agility, we are talking about using this methodology at two different levels. One at the development level and Second at organization level. Yes, to adopt this methodology completely in your work process, you first need to make it adopt by your team.

Before introducing agility in software development process, you need to imbibe these skills into your team. When we work in small phases, successful culmination is expected for every phase. Similarly, in Organizational agility, it has to be very clear what organization is all about and what is expected from the whole team or say different departments. The prime aim of introducing this methodology into an organization is develop understanding, innovation and speeding up the thought process.

We cannot say that empowering agility is responsibility of leaders of the organization or of top level managers. In this process, everybody has to be a leader on his own. First of all, you have to make them realize that they are an important part of the organization and they can trust the organization whenever they need it. Ensure them that this organization is standing with them in their tough times. You need to imbibe value in their minds so that employees can reach the level of predictive agility.

When you give your employees the freedom to innovate, collaborate and let them experiment with their creativity; they would understand the demand of this business in a better manner. Let’s say, you ask your team to get the module designed in not a very conventional way… this gives them a chance to explore their innate talent and skills. And if failure occurs, let them study the loopholes. Give them ample time to convert their success into failure.

Let the whole team understand and respect each others emotions attached with their respective experiments. This would give rise to tolerance, acceptance, skill to adapt in different environments and reassessment.

Once you can see all these things in your, you are ready to introduce agility in your software development process.