Make your Employees Love their Job

At present IT sector is at its full bloom, be it India or international market. Millennials are running towards it to climb success ladder fast, or I should say pretty fast. Today, employers even don’t ask for professional degrees or certifications to prove the talent. All you need is, knowledge and experience. This is why coding boot camps are replacing colleges. On the other hand, there is tight competition between organizations that deals with information technology. They hunt for best talent to increase their productivity and quality of service, no matter if they are paying hefty salaries to deserving people.

In this scenarios grabbing and retaining the best talent is becoming difficult. Perks and benefits are not enough to entice these millennials. They have different mindset and expect something different from their organization apart from good payouts.

On the Job Learning

Every year we see technologies fading and becoming the talk of past. Yes, IT industry is so dynamic and to cope up with the pace; it is imperative to keep learning things. As an employer, it’s your duty to keep your team updated with the latest technological trends and platforms. Investing some money in conducting training sessions will do good to your organization in return. Because no one can stop millennials from learning new things. If they invest their own money in training and certifications from third party, they would tend to cash it by switching to some high paying job, that can exploit their new skills and give them good payout. So, before anyone else pluck your best performing team, get them into learning new things.

Define your Objectives Clearly

We all are in an organization to work, but what are we working for? Do we work to make clients happy? Or we want to make big profits? Or we want to establish ourselves as a brand? Or something else? Well, questions of these sorts should not float in your employee’s mind. Your organization must have a clearly defined objective and must adhere to it. Say, your first priority is ‘Client satisfaction’. But you bag too many projects, ask your team to hop projects, you often change work priorities, leave projects mid-way, crossing deadlines… This sort of work culture highly discourage employees. It leaves a negative impact on them, on their productivity and hence they walk out. Another thing that can be observed in millennials is they are more inclined towards social responsibility. If organization is thinking beyond making profits, it encourage them to put in their best efforts and ignite a feeling of selflessness. Organization must make employees very clear about the objectives of the organization on the day of recruitment; so that they also start working in the same direction and does not create any dilemma.

Offer a Life Beyond Cubicles

So, you are workaholic, but not everyone is. You must have to accept the fact that everyone have a personal life and one must devote ample time to it as well. There are many organizations who give importance to employee’s private life. The first step you may take in this direction is scrap the 9-5 office timing. Yes, if you can ask your team to stay back to conclude the modules, you must have the courtesy to ask them to come as per their convenience. If they are coming at 12 in the noon, for whatever reason, do not frown. It could be due to ill health, traffic jam, some surprise guest or anything. Just make sure if they are coming late, they must have completed their allotted work before leaving office. Focus more on productivity than on counting the ticks of clock. Make them realize that you care for them and you will get their loyalty in return. And, trust me! It’s not a bad deal.