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How to cope with sedentary lifestyle at work place?

Do you keep on guzzling cups of coffee one after another on your workstation? Or have your healthy snacks are being replaced by cheese and mayonnaise burgers during office parties? Are you the one who keep shuffling between files or windows at your computer screen for long hours? If, your answer is ‘Yes’ for any of the question then you must continue reading my post. No, no… I am not going to tell you about the ill effects of these habits. Instead, we are going to talk about how to cope up with such sedentary lifestyle.

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Why twitter is losing its importance?

Back in 2006, twitter came into market with a bang. It was one of its kind of social networking site. It is more than just connecting with your friends, infact, it’s a way of getting connected to the people you admire. The most loved thing about twitter is you can connect with the biggies of world… be it political celebrities, movie stars, musicians, marketing gurus and who not. Soon this microblogging website became favorite of everyone… it was like twitter fever all over. Then what went down? Why everything is stagnated for twitter founders? Crashed stock prices, stalled user base is what this website is experiencing nowadays. read more

War of Apps and Estores : Who takes the cake?

When we talk about ecommerce, we are talking about providing convenience to our potential shoppers. And, what is more convenient than shopping while lying on couch, cuddling with the blanket on cozy sunday night. Ahh!!! sounds fun, even to the males out there who hate hopping malls.

And, when ecommerce stores is available on the ease of mobile apps; the result is flowing in money. And yes, this is why an ecommerce store is built, for increasing sales.
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