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Myths Related to Software Development Outsourcing

Software development industry is at its full bloom. To many professionals, it was a hobby which now has taken a shape of full fledged business with money flowing in. But what looks like golden is not always gold. Very few of us get a chance to see what happens behind the scenes, and, I feel lucky to be in the vicinity of people who can show me the inside out of this industry. There are million of challenges that are being faced everyday. And, what is really surprising part about is the myths which are associated with this business. Well, I cannot break these assumptions, but will try hard to highlight some trivial issues which act as roadblock in success of a software development company.

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Getting Your First App? Then you must read this…

So you are excited about the idea of getting a mobile app to take your business to next level? Great! As I’ve already said this million times that mobile app is the need of today’s business strategy. You cannot neglect the big share of traffic that is coming from portable devices. So, here are a few things that you need to analyze first before consulting a mobile application development company. And of course, we are not going to talk about ‘whether you need it or not’ thing.

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Why You Must Invest for iOS App in 2017?

Well, we are almost in the end of first quarter of 2017, and with this there arise a question; Should you invest in getting an app for iOS in 2017?

Relatively, getting an iOS app developed is less expensive than Android; for so many reasons. Even then we must not forget that less expensive doesn’t mean free. It’s overall development, maintenance and upgradation require funds and don’t forget marketing of your app. So, despite of being less expensive, you must think twice before jumping to conclusion. Here are got some highlighted facts that would clear your dilemma .

In mid of 2016, based on the app store and iCloud visits, it has been estimated that number of iphone users has surpassed 1 million. This is indeed a huge market to target. Especially in today’s time, with free internet services and huge memory space in the device, people don’t think much before installing an app. So you need the first attention of your target user.But keep one thing in mind, people easily tend to download apps and delete those unuseful and buggy apps with same ease. Deleting an app doesn’t require much effort. So you have very less time to convince about usefulness and your importance in their lives.

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