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RankBrain Deciphered

There are over 200 ranking factors that Google use to determine the position of web pages in search results. You must have come across this statement million of times while reading about Google’s search engine ranking system. But Google has never revealed these. Yes, they often release blog posts about the primary ranking factors and…

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Keyword and its Importance in SEO

In online world, keywords are the keys to find your web pages in search results. There was a time when keywords were considered as most important ranking factor for a website. If optimized properly, these keywords had the capability to get your web pages ranked top. But then webmasters started their over-optimization to the level…

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8 Things that can make or break mobile user experience

In US only 77% people use their smartphones to search products, which is a massive share of potential buyers. Mobile app culture is not new but its exponentially rising trend has made a stiff competition for app developers and marketers. What to do and what not has become a deal for developers. Here I am…

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