Getting Your First App? Then you must read this…

So you are excited about the idea of getting a mobile app to take your business to next level? Great! As I’ve already said this million times that mobile app is the need of today’s business strategy. You cannot neglect the big share of traffic that is coming from portable devices. So, here are a few things that you need to analyze first before consulting a mobile application development company. And of course, we are not going to talk about ‘whether you need it or not’ thing.

Do you need iOS or Android? If only one, which one do you get?

This is a very common question. For two reasons you might get into dilemma. Studies have shown that globally, android is more popular among smartphone users than iOS. Because, android devices are more affordable than Apple. Considering this, you may incline towards Android app, but, on the contrary android app development is expensive than iOS app development. So, sometimes this becomes a tricky question if you are targeting a global market. If your business is location based, restricted to a city; state; country or continent; then you must analyze the user inclination towards an operating system in your targeted area.

Whether to get an in-house team or Outsource the job?

Having an in-house team sounds like a good idea. But you have to do a lot of homework before establishing an in-house team. Of course you can work more closely with a team that is sitting just 2 cubicles away from you. You can track the progress, make the changes anytime, guide the team etc. On the other hand, in-house team can burn a hole in your pocket. Outsourcing the job to a offshore development team can help you saving good money. Plus, offshore teams have good experience in handling different type of cases, it’s their forte`. In this case, you can take guidance in what to do and what not to do. Because of stiff competition in app development industry, you can expect good coordination from an offshore team, as their reputation in the market is always at stake.

How will you improve ROI?

This indeed has to be first question in the line, anyways. We all work to make money, there are no charities at all. If you are getting an app for your business, you definitely want to increase your brand awareness and your reach to make more money. Mobile app is a good way to make money. You have 2 options, either you launch a paid app or you launch a free app with ads and in-app purchases. Both the options have their pros and cons. It is very difficult to convince a user to pay for an app without even trying it. Especially when app stores are flooding with free apps. Whereas on launching a free app, make it so desirable that user cannot live without spending the money on in-app purchases. Both the things are tricky at first instance, but, yes there are huge app developers who are churning out good money from basic app. Just pen down your strategy of making money out of it.

Getting an app developed for your business is not a difficult process. What more difficult is doing it in the right way. It is very important for a business owner / manager to chalk down the whole strategy before jumping onto any decision.