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4 Tips to Increase Productivity of your Organization

Despite of having so many ready to use project management platforms, most of the software development firms struggle to increase productivity. I have come across many technical leads, team leads and other sort of managers who pressurize their team to deliver 150% of their capability. Call it pressure or motivation, but employees are being forced…

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Build a Website that your Business Needs

We often go by the trend. And, sometimes to be in the league of winners we invest (Or I should say, waste) money on things that we don’t require for our business. Here, we are talking about the online marketing trends of businesses. Having a website is almost mandatory for every business, to remain available…

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5 Steps Towards Developing a Secure Web Application

Developing a web application is no more a tricky task but developing a secure application has become a cumbersome task. Yes, you have to be very very paranoid if you want to develop a safe and secure channel for your clients. No information entered by the user can be trusted. I am not saying that…

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responsive designs
Responsive web design – How to keep it simple?

Web designing was never a simple task. And now days intricacies have increased with increase in variety of devices. Also, being a good service provider you must take care of visitors coming to your website from different devices. So, it has become mandatory to have responsive web design. For instance, if websites are designed keeping…

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8 Things that can make or break mobile user experience

In US only 77% people use their smartphones to search products, which is a massive share of potential buyers. Mobile app culture is not new but its exponentially rising trend has made a stiff competition for app developers and marketers. What to do and what not has become a deal for developers. Here I am…

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