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Take your E-Commerce on a success path

53% of global internet users have made an online purchase in 2016- approx that’s 1 billion. (Source: US Government)

If you are an ecommerce owner (or planning to start a one), you would definitely get moved by stats mentioned above. If experts to be believed, there is very huge potential in online business, especially in ecommerce. If you do it in right way, you can earn many folds of profit in very less time. But again I am emphasizing on ‘doing it right way’

Well, here is a short list of tips… this can help you doing the ecommerce in the right way. In this list we’d shed focus on things that need to be done post development.

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How to Empower Agility in your Organization?

What is agility?

Agility is defined as the capacity to think and understand with fast pace. And nowadays, agility is often used with software development and deployment process. Every second organization claims to use agile methodology in software development process. In agile methodology, the whole development process is chopped in phases and every phase is reassessed and adapted as per the business environment

When we talk about agility, we are talking about using this methodology at two different levels. One at the development level and Second at organization level. Yes, to adopt this methodology completely in your work process, you first need to make it adopt by your team. read more

Revolutionize Customer Care with Customized Mobile Apps

When it comes to promoting a brand or its service / product, providing a good customer service is very important. In fact in every type of business, good customer service and after sale service can do wonders to your brand. This is why now a days almost every organization have a dedicated customer serving department.

Since when internet penetration has risen, you need to make sure there is always someone out there to answer the calls and chats of audience from different parts of the world and at different times. Setting up a 24X7 customer support center would definitely burn hole into your pocket. Big organizations can afford to set a dedicated day-night shift department for this. But what about small organizations and start-up, that cannot afford to miss a single customer? because no-one was there to answer call or instant message. Neither these small organization can exploit their resources for 1-2 executives to make them work during odd hours.

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