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twitter vs facebook
Facebook or twitter… What suits to your business?

In social media war there are two strong platforms that are constant issue of debate. Efficiency of twitter and facebook has always been an agenda. You can definitely invest time and money in both, but which one should get more attention? Today we will put some spotlight on pros and cons of both and conclude a winner.


There is no doubt that facebook has more audience penetration than that of twitter.

Facebook Statistics

  • 968 million daily active users
  • 844 million mobile daily active users
  • 1.49 billion monthly active users
  • 1.31 billion mobile monthly active users
  • 83% of users outside of the US and Canada

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Short guide to pre launch marketing

Call it trend or the need of today’s market that it has become mandatory to set up a pre launch marketing campaign. This creates a buzz in the market about your upcoming product and helps in gauging the success or failure. However, success and failure very much depends on the way you have made the product, its usability and the way you are promoting it… but you can at least estimate its reception by your target audience. And, let’s admit it, we all want our product to be a huge success and what if our product becomes big hit? are we ready for it? are you promoting among right audience? With pre launch campaign, you get answers of many such questions.

Let’s assume, you have set up a pre launch campaign for your upcoming ecommerce store and you get a massive response that you haven’t imagined. If your prelaunch campaign is a big success, then you surely get huge traffic on your e-store. Looking at the response you can ready infrastructure for your e-store that can accommodate huge traffic without crashing. You also get ample time to set up a team for customer queries, this helps you in building a strong customer satisfaction. So, you can plan many such activities in advance.

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Using public WiFi? Beware of risks involved…

Whether you are sitting at a metro station, restaurant or a hospital lobby, a free wi-fi signal always prompt you to enjoy the service. Why not? What’s the big deal in leveraging the service offered? Well, free wi-fi is just another way of offering good customer care. But, there are some cons of using this service. Definitely, the one who is offering has no intention to harm you in any way… but remember, there are always bad elements in the society roaming around.

You can easily get connected to public access points or ‘hotspots’. You necessarily need not a password to establish a connection. In such networks anyone can transmit or receive data packets through radio waves. And, for attackers, it is very easy to barge into data that is not addressed to them. There are more than one ways that can easily hamper your personal information that you are accessing on a free wi-fi network.

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