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Chetna Dogra

Invasion of Cloud Computing

We all are very well aware of Cloud computing, they way it works and the way it has made things convenient. Practically, cloud computing is ready to invade the technology sectors. If we believe the stats presented by experts, we may see quadruple increase in traffic in next few years. In coming few years, almost…

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Taking online shopping to a new level – Instagram

Well, this is a good news for people who love Instagram and for those whole love shopping. Instagram is a place where everything happens with images. And guess what, now it has started to support online shopping. It claims to read product tags and allow its users to buy the products up for sale with…

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Short Guide to Earn Online Buyers Trust

Cyber fraud is one of the biggest hindrance in growth of ecommerce. Despite of providing all the privileges to the consumer there are still some areas in the world where ecommerce is struggling. Despite of ensuring the security and safety of customer database, there is a thin air of speculation that stops a person from…

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Offshore Development – 5 Top Advantages

Off Lately, outsourcing and offshore development, both the terms have gained popularity a lot. And honestly speaking, there are many people in this industry who actually don’t understand the difference between two. Because there is hairline difference in the meaning. Outsourcing a service refers to a situation when you hire third party experts to get…

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HTML5 and Mobile Development – Myths Debunked

In 2012, HTML 5 was proposed and no doubt it is quite powerful since then. When it comes to mobile application development, there are many misconceptions about using HTML5 for development. Many developers and clients underestimate its capability to do wonders. But if not done properly, it can spoil the whole game. First thing that…

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8 Must Haves in Ecommerce Site

E-stores are some kind of hit nowadays. From different brand-owned store to multi-brands, this online business looks profitable to many. However, getting an online store is not some easy task. It requires a lot of planning, execution, refining… both online and offline. The level of ease has risen up so high that buyer can easily…

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Artificial Intelligence and Cyber Security

Slowly, Artificial Intelligence is invading all the sectors where technology plays a major role. From entertainment industry to gaming to software development to monitoring. And, soon there comes a times when it would replace human intervention upto 80%. Which is both good and bad. Good because, it can work more efficiently than human, especially when…

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Role of Mobile Phones in ecommerce

The global mobile phone user base is 5.2 billion people, and 30% of them are smartphone users. Online shopping has always been a boon for us. What is more comfortable than shopping a huge variety of things at the ease of your home. But nowadays when we talk about online shopping or ecommerce, we get…

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Make your Employees Love their Job

At present IT sector is at its full bloom, be it India or international market. Millennials are running towards it to climb success ladder fast, or I should say pretty fast. Today, employers even don’t ask for professional degrees or certifications to prove the talent. All you need is, knowledge and experience. This is why…

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RankBrain Deciphered

There are over 200 ranking factors that Google use to determine the position of web pages in search results. You must have come across this statement million of times while reading about Google’s search engine ranking system. But Google has never revealed these. Yes, they often release blog posts about the primary ranking factors and…

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